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Essay comparing ancient greece and rome architecture

essay comparing ancient greece and rome architecture

two necessities. The ancient Greece also had a lot of influence on the Roman Empire until they were defeated by the Romans in the battle of Corinth after which the Romans ruled most of Europe and Asia and are known to have given rise to the western. The Greek art was superior to roman art though their architecture lacked arches and domes present in the roman addition, women in Rome had right to own property and were citizens unlike Greece women who had limitations on movement and were not considered citizens. The Book of the Ancient Greeks. Greeks were governed through democracy while the Romans were republicans.

Both Greek and roman residents practiced polytheist religion. Reference Copied to Clipboard. (It is thought that the Greeks considered trade degrading.) As Rome developed into an urban center, writers compared the simplicity/boorishness/moral high ground of the country's pastoral/farming life, with the politically charged, trade-based life of a city-center dweller. All Answers ltd, 'Comparisons Between Ancient Greece And Ancient Rome' (m, October 2018) p?vref1 accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard. Marrying in Roman culture was considered compassionate. Rome was not viewed as a male-only world.

These two civilizations especially the Roman civilization led to the rise of the western civilization. With both governments, officials were elect to represent the people and citizens toke part decision-making but in the Greek democratic government, citizens had littoral sovereignty while with the roman republican government the people had ultimate sovereignty.