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Literary analysis essay on the color purple

literary analysis essay on the color purple

Walker employed them as one of the three symbols throughout the work of fiction. I am I have always been a good girl. Alice Walker constantly uses this theme in her short story Everyday Use with her character Maggie and in her book The Color Purple with her character Celie. The Color Purple was Alice Walkers third novel. Later on in the novel once Celie is living her life freely without the strong hand of men, she begins to make pants. The constant telling that she was too ugly, making her quit school at a young age, and being raped were some of the ways that created the lack of trust within Celies family circle. Until you do right by me, I say, everything you even dream about will fail. As Celie works through her internal conflict, the symbols employed throughout the novel are shown.

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Her conception of God is a Big and old and tall and graybearded and white. This" from Stevie Wonders song "Do Like You" may ref. Celie is a poor black woman who lives in Georgia in the 1930s. Then the letters are from Nettie writing back to Celie. Sexism is a form of discrimination based on a person's sex, with such attitudes being based on beliefs in traditional stereotypes of different roles of the sexes. According to the School Library Journal, The Color Purple ranks 18 on the American Library Associations list of 100 most frequently challenged books. Some felt that Walker had something against African American males and that she thought they were all bad. What is it like? Last, but not least, the relationship among people and God was exemplified through Celie and how she views God. The Color Purple is one of those books that has such an intriguing title, you can't help but pick it up and figure out what it's all about. Plot Analysis, celie is in an abusive home the book opens, we see how thoroughly unprotected Celie is by the adults in her life. The epistolary format of the novel itself enables readers to understand Celie, whose letters are initially addressed to God.

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