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My vision of future india essay

my vision of future india essay

the future often end up as tame, defensive litanies of moral platitudes or as overly dramatic, doomsday propheteering. I have now learnt to fear the use of any cultural category in the singular. Bombay films and Bombay ducks cannot have the same ring as Mumbai films and Mumbai ducks. Diversity, to qualify as diversity, must allow those who represent the diversity to be diverse in their own ways, according to their own categories, not ours.

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my vision of future india essay

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Why dont YOU spit Paan on the streets of Tokyo? The new globalisers also have one solution for the entire world, though they sometimes lazily mouth buzzwords like multiculturalism, grassroots and alternative development. Under conditions and circumstances prevalent today, it needs not merely guess-work or astrologers remarks to reflect the future image of India, but a logical inference importance of baby hygiene essay derived from a sound reasoning, an act fairly difficult but not impossible. Others argued that Indian philosophy had marginalised the materialist strain within it and become predominantly idealistic. My ideal India is a bit like a wildlife programme that cannot afford to protect only cuddly pandas and colourful tigers.

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