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Rashad shabazz dissertation

rashad shabazz dissertation

are areas that should be approached from a leadership perspective and not just management. Step 1: Check Your Sight: Make Sure Your Point of View is in Alignment with Timeless Truth.

Also, be inflexibly flexible. There will be 5 eyewitness accounts of the same incident but each account sounds different. Dont allow anything to my vision of future india essay cause you sight of the most important thing. Clearly define your passions, purpose values. When looking at these goals, be sure to consider your resources: time, money and relationship. Your purpose, passion, and values can be refined but really shouldnt change much either. If you are trying to lose 30 pounds in 6 months, also map out where your weight should be at monthly. Do I need to have any conversations with anyone? Life by Design not Default, we are to use the power of choice to design the life we have been entrusted with. But be flexible with the parts of your plan that may change especially when it is out of your For example, I didnt know my car would car would be a total lost and I would have to buy a new car. Set goals that will help you to know you are on the right path. Be inflexible with the parts of your plan that cannot or should not change, like scripture and truth.

I speak more on this topic in the workshop. Approach the situation with courage and compassion, remember the priority and execute towards that. You can do anything but not everything. If you havent created them or your PPV are outdated be sure to update them. Download your workbook and game plan here. We do not always view the world as it is but as we are. If you dont decide what you will do someone else will. We witness examples of differing mental maps while watching the news.