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Donald trump inauguration essay

donald trump inauguration essay

the most for any president ever in an inaugural speech. He is and intends to be different from the presidents of the past: in his personality, his working style, his ways of communicating and, most important of all, in his political aims. His inauguration was boycotted by several leaders and will be protested against by tens of thousands. January 20, 2017, will be remembered as the day that the people became the rulers of this nation again, Trump said. He needed to do it 30 times, which, considering his campaign slogan to "Make America great again seemed like a good bet. In contrast to Trumps desires, however, both Lincoln and Nixon reference walls in the context of taking them down, or at least not putting them. Prior to his speech, the odds seemed good for Trump to make history by using the word 'great' more times than any other president. The vast majority of his address was focused on the American people and putting "America first". It boiled with resentment and contempt for politics, and the checks and balances of the US system.

Trump begins with a hopeful message designed to appeal to all. Americans, but there is an implicit critique of what has come before. In his inauguration speech, President Donald Trump is repeating th e dark vision and the list of the country s woes that he hit on during the.

Trump, by contrast, enters office at a time when the nation is more politically divided than it has been in decades, but is by most other metrics in better shape. While new presidents have often sought to overcome that division, Trump seemed less troubled. And he may have succeeded. This information is shared with social media services, sponsorship, analytics and other third-party service providers. Trump would have been only the third president to use the word wall in his speech after Abraham Lincoln in his first inaugural address in 1861 and Richard Nixon at the start of his second term in 1973. Obama took office in the midst of a massive economic crisis, with Americans losing their jobs by the thousands, and the outgoing president was historically unpopular. Mr Trumps speech was by turns bitter, blowhard and banal.