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The cheese and the worms essay

the cheese and the worms essay

to be saved? If Christ were not God in the flesh, he would not have been raised from the dead. I have to question whether those who are not Protestants cannot be saved because they dont explicitly embrace justification by faith alone. And secondly, there is the whole mass of evidenceinternal and external, objective and subjective, historical and philosophical, human and divinewhich goes to show that the Biblical writers are trustworthy as doctrinal guides.

Back to the blogsite. I think thats an excellent question.

I have learned some hard lessons over the years of teaching essay to entertain in graduate schools. Novum Testamentum in 1984 as a lengthy article. Such as it is, this could indeed sound alarming. But I learned a rather valuable lesson while in the masters program. In response to the first charge, I wish to mention four points.