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Why did the us fail in vietnam essay

why did the us fail in vietnam essay

Cambodia from the early 1960s, escalating in 1969 to carpet bombing with B-52s in Cambodias eastern jungle and along the Sihanouk Trail, as the threat posed by the NVA and their supply route increased. Richard Nixon points to Cambodia. A victorious Khmer Rouge female fighter holding an AK-47. Chhit Do replied: Every time after there had been bombing, they would take the people to see the craters, to see how big and deep the craters were, to see how the earth had been gouged out and scorched. The Sesan River in Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia, close to the Vietnamese border, where the Khmer Rouge and the NVA defeated Lon Nols soldiers. Where possible, they destroyed NVA supplies and communications systems along the Trail, and attempted to capture prisoners for interrogation about NVA troop movements, base areas and other useful intelligence.

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Their minds just froze up and they would wander around mute for three or four days. US choppers flying into my short essay about philippines the Parrots Beak to pick up South Vietnamese troops. Prince Sihanouk, second from right, with his wife and Khmer Rouge cadres in Eastern Cambodia. An NVA weapons cache discovered in the Cambodian border area. It was nervous about invading Cambodia as that would herald a serious escalation in the war, but it was becoming apparent that Cambodia, Prince Sihanouk and especially the NVA base camps, rest areas and arms caches along the Sihanouk Trail and the supplies coming through. This was in breach of all international agreements and treaties about the supposed neutrality of both countries, but it happened anyway. It wasnt just the Trail (called the Sihanouk Trail inside Cambodia) that was causing a problem to the US in Cambodia. Carpet Bombing: More B-52 bombs dropping. Now a road widening project (note the trucks) is uncovering a considerable amount of UXO along the route. A young Pol Pot. Unfortunately, not every bomb dropped in the bombing of Cambodia landed in an unpopulated area, and I recently travelled to a formerly big provincial town called Lumphat in Ratanakiri Province, that had been totally obliterated by the bombing, and which has never been properly rebuilt. The final phase of the bombing of Cambodia came in 1973, when the US began carpet bombing populated areas around Phnom Penh.

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