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Hale crucible essay

hale crucible essay

investigate the situation and to use his expertise in witchcraft to aid the people of Salem in their bedlam. I must tell you all that I shall not proceed unless you are prepared to believe me if I should find no bruise of hell upon her.". I think that during Act Three is when the major changes in Hale? The doubts get larger throughout the story and increases allot when he first visits the home of John and Elizabeth Proctor. Arthur Miller uses such a view point in his play The Crucible, which personifies the sentiments, attitudes, and standpoints of the people in Salem who were directly involved in the trials. One such participant in the play who provides the readers with this valuable perspective is Reverend John Hale, a minister from Beverly who is called to Salem to investigate Salem's eccentric problem. He soon realizes after John Proctor tells him about himself, his family, and the girls that they could be lying.

I think that Hale is really one of the smartest character? Research Paper, in the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller John Hale goes through some very distinct character changes. In reality, these books of authority are what give Reverend Hale his authority in the society of Salem. What hurts my heart most however, is that it may of been my own vanity and confidence which started it all.

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I have some choices to make, choices which will challenge my faith, choices which will change who I am, but choices which I have to make all the same, because even after all of this I am still a man of God, and God. During the scene you can tell he knows now that the girls are lying and he must do anything he can to see justice succeed. S change in the end very convincing because he realizes all that the work he had been doing is very wrong and is against God? T live with the thought that he had so much to do with innocent people losing their lives. I was good at it as well, where I went, witches died, but let me tell you now; every single man or women hung by my order had evidence that they were evil so thick that it could not be ignoredtheir deaths dont bother. Yet, how would it look in Gods eyes if a man had the power to stop evil but chose not to? Now he changes from the advocator who encourages the accused to confess to witchcraft to the challenger who opposes the witch trials altogether. In Act Four Hale realizes that the lives of innocent people are being cast away, so he comes back to Salem to try convince the accused to confess to witchcraft and save themselves. Because of Hale's intellect and wise thinking, he could if given the chance, come to a logical conclusion for each of these incidents.

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