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Essay about festival in philippines

essay about festival in philippines

numerous fiestas. Many rituals are observed as Holy Week continues. It then continues through out the Quiapo area. Not nearly as robust as the counterpart in Kalibo but more somber without much fan fare. They make other plans for the day and stay far away from the festivities. When Spanish missionaries entered the Philippines during the mid-1500s, they found that the fiesta was a convenient tool to help teach Filipinos the Roman Catholic faith. This three day festival is celebrated in honour of Santa Clara, San Pascual Baylon and Virgen de Salambao. Ati-Atihan Third Sunday in January (Three days).

essay about festival in philippines

In time, will the original purpose of the fiesta be forgotten if new meaning is poured into these days of celebration? In the missionary context another question inevitably arises: What approach should missionaries take when confronted with practices such as the fiesta? The practices taught by the Spanish clergy have merged well with indigenous ritual practices and carried over to this day. Here grandchildren receive money from grandparents. Add a Picture/Graphic Caption (optional) Click here to upload more images (optional) Add a Picture/Graphic Caption (optional) Add a Picture/Graphic Caption (optional) Add a Picture/Graphic Caption (optional) Author Information (optional) To receive credit as the author, enter your information below.