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An essay about extra recess at school

an essay about extra recess at school

a helper with art therapy. The majority of teachers are underpaid when they have one of the most important jobs out there. I love working with children and making a difference in their lives, so I have chosen to be a pediatric occupational therapist. I believe I was able to add joy to their day by providing a positive and fun activity. They worry about making mistakes in front of their peers or being perceived as, know-it-alls, if they answer questions in class or participate in class discussions. After everyone left, the Fresh Start staff and I stayed because I wanted the parents of those children to know exactly what was going to happen after surgery. The standards of our school are very high. I was pleased to find out that instead of just sorting food, we would also be engaging with those who were shopping at the food bank, helping them to fill up grocery carts that were not only nutritionally balanced, but also fit the needs. The poor and needy besides meritorious students are liberally given stipends and scholarships. Everyone here always greets others with a sweet smile and treat each other in a very friendly and nice manner.

I want to end this saying that the service learning experience was the best and greatest opportunity one could get. They also provide counseling, transferring, and tutoring services just like Oceanside MiraCosta's main campus. I was scared to death but quickly accepted the invitation.

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At first it was a bit difficult to make everyone happy, but luckily reinforcements came to my aid when another volunteer arrived to the scene with face paint. After getting in touch with the volunteer coordinator, Jeremiah Luster, I scheduled an orientation time where I learned all of the ins and outs of the program. All our laboratories are well equipped with instruments, etc., for doing practicals. I am excited to meet more children and be able to talk to them and provide the parents with my services. They participated with much greater enthusiasm in book discussions with Mrs. But, on the other hand the kids were loud, energetic, and more willing to interact with one another.