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Essay about coconut tree in kannada

essay about coconut tree in kannada

used very safely. Each plant is capable of producing 240,000 seeds which are viable for up to 40 years. This tuber has 7-8 protein, and 75-85 starch. Salake is claimed to be the Sinhala allegory cave essay name. It is applied to wounds and contusions. Miris extracts are found to be protective against stomach ulcers (based on experiments on rats, with ulcers induced by aspirin.) The following report is found on the Internet (we do not endorse everything said in it The dried fruit is a powerful local stimulant with. Colocasia nymplimfolia Vael ala, Wel ala, Yakuthala - - - Colocasia.

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The name vana-yavani is used in Ayurveda, and most probably borrowed from Sanskrit. The Karawila flower is vaguely similar to the Niyangala flower. The leaves are used in pruritus and scabies. It is used: (i)To prevent soil erosion on hillsides and as a wind barrier(ii)Earth-quake resistant buildings (iii)Wood for ben carson scholship essay furniture, fuel, poles, scaffolding, pulp, paper, composite planks, fabric, curtains, match sticks, incense sticks etc. It s a valuable potential export crop for Sri Lanka, being exploited presently by Bangaladesh. The strong aroma (implied also by the Latin name "foetidum is supposed to repel sepents, including cobras. This Mediterranean plant may have been introduced by Western invaders, as it is not native to Sri Lanka. Old Sri Lankan place names like Dambakolathota (Kankesanthurai) Dambakolapatune (Sambilithuai) are well known. There were twelve Olympians. It is used for "oil baths" in the Tamil traditions, but the use of this oil is very limited in Sinhalese-Buddhist culture.