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Synthesis essay score 9

synthesis essay score 9

the title, your thesis, once chosen, should direct your subsequent research instead of subsequent research altering your thesis unless you find you've adopted an unsupportable thesis. As long as you can support your opinion with a well-crafted argument, its a good opinion. Include evidence that backs the statement up; be sure to refer to other, expert and scholarly sources like websites, books, articles, etc. Learn more about our school licenses here. You do not have to choose an issue that you have experienced personally.

synthesis essay score 9

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A huge part of good argument involves thinking about the opposition. Your thesis will be the main idea presented in your essay. Review: Often written as a preliminary essay to an argument synthesis, a review essay is a discussion of what has been written previously on a topic, with a critical analysis of the sources covered. Are there any run-on sentences or fragments? Pretend that, instead of encountering the sources on the AP English exam you found them on the Internet. Try to take a deep breath and instead go for short"tions and paraphrasing. For example, your thesis statement could be "Texting has had a positive impact on the English language." Once you've got your thesis, go through your sources to find specific"s, facts, and statistics that back up your claim. Daylight saving time was adopted by the United States in the twentieth century and is regulated by the federal government.