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Essay on shantiniketan ashram

essay on shantiniketan ashram

Sing Devotional Songs To The Music Of The Ektara (One Stringed Instrument Assemble For The Fair And As Such It Is Also Referred To As Baul Fair. It was a school of his ideals, whose central premise was that learning in a natural environment would be more enjoyable and fruitful. The Last Day Of This Fair Is Devoted To Those Who Are Related To Shantiniketan. Prayer Hall : Founded by the poet's father in 1863, the hall is made of glass. Of the many seasonal festivals celebrated at Santiniketan, Poush Mela is the most important, with cultural programmes like dance, music, Bauls (wandering musicians) and folk performances. It was Rabindranath Tagore who christened Amita Sen's son Amartya.

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Many world famous teachers have become associated with it, and Indira Gandhi was one of its more illustrious students. In an attempt to help with rural reconstruction, Tagore also sought to expand the schools relationship with the neighbouring villages of the Santhal tribal community. He invited artists and scholars from other parts of India and all over the world to live together at Santiniketan on a daily basis and share their cultures with the students of Visva Bharati. However, Now There Appears To Be A Consensus Among Scholars That Jayadeva Was Born In Another Place In Orissa Bearing The Same Name, In Kenduli Sasan. Wbtdc Tourist Lodges PWD Inspection Bungalows available. It has a wide range of activities including weaving, leather craft, pottery, Kantha embroidery and Batik. In 2004, his original Nobel medal was stolen from the premises and has since been replaced with a replica. There are also various sculptures, frescoes, paintings and murals of Rabindranath, Nandalal Bose and Ramkinkar that can be found in the campus.