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Essay on the tell tale heart insanity

essay on the tell tale heart insanity

to branch or divide, the subdivisions uniting with offsets from other cells, and thus producing an anastomosis of the fibers. Reed that she feels her soul begin to expand. The fibers are made up of distinct quadrangular cells, joined end to end so as to form a syncytium (Fig. A tendinous band, which may be named the tendon of the conus arteriosus, extends upward from the right atrioventricular fibrous ring and connects the posterior surface of the conus arteriosus to the aorta. They are similar in structure, and in their mode of attachment, to the pulmonary semilunar valves, but are larger, thicker, and stronger; the lunul are more distinct, and the noduli or corpora Arantii thicker and more prominent. The middle coat of the artery in this situation is thin, and the vessel is dilated to form the sinuses of the aorta and pulmonary artery. The sinoatrial node is situated on the anterior border of the opening of the superior vena cava; from its strands of fusiform fibers run under the endocardium of the wall of the atrium to the atrioventricular node. A small slit-like valvular opening is occasionally found, at the upper margin of the fossa, leading upward beneath the limbus, into the left atrium; it is the remains of the fetal aperture between the two atria. The nerves, although not concerned in originating the contractions of the heart muscle, play an important role in regulating their force and frequency in order to subserve the physiological needs of the organism. Some of these fibers run into the atrial septum.

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essay on the tell tale heart insanity

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The why northwestern essay length central portion of each fiber contains one or more nuclei and is made up of granular protoplasm, with no indication of striations, while the peripheral portion is clear and has distinct transverse striations. 20 The valve of the inferior vena cava ( valvula ven cav inferioris Eustachii ; Eustachian valve ) is situated in front of the orifice of the inferior vena cava. Its lower part is convex, formed chiefly by the right ventricle, and traversed near its left margin by the anterior longitudinal sulcus. Johns Hopkins Hospital Reports, vo back Note. It consists of two triangular cusps, formed by duplicatures of the lining membrane, strengthened by fibrous tissue, and containing a few muscular fibers. 493) presents the following parts for examination: 27 Openings ยป Right atrioventricular. Somewhat quadrilateral in form, it is in relation above with the bifurcation of the pulmonary artery, and is bounded below by the posterior part of the coronary sulcus, containing the coronary sinus. Lastly, the passage highlights the importance of storytelling as revenge and also as a means of empowerment.

essay on the tell tale heart insanity