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The negative sides that affect children's learning essay

the negative sides that affect children's learning essay

using gaming technology. In summary, television viewing affects childrens physical and mental health, school performance and behavior in negative ways. Negative Effects of TV on Young People. However, the ad-filmmakers should remember that the commercials can also have negative impact on people, especially the young children. Children often tend to misinterpret the messages conveyed in commercials. Vref1 titleNegative Effects of TV on Young People m dateNovember 2013 accessdate locationNottingham, UK Reference Copied to Clipboard. Television can affect childrens health, school work and behavior in negative ways. Children need rewards for their effort and completion in addition to the outcome. We used to occupy our time and attention with activities like reading (this is an activity that requires imagination, and memory and writing.

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The games are highly engaging,. Kids who watch more TV start smoking at an earlier age. Before the age of three, childrens brain develops rapidly, forming connections and pathways that will assist with learning later in life. These advertisements familiarize kids with the latest products in the market and inculcate some good habits in them, such as, the ones related to dental hygiene. The personal preferences in clothing, toys, food and luxuries of children are altered by the advertisements, to a great extent. The little ones tend to get adamant to buy the product. The use of the library is another part of education that is being forgotten due to the growth of technology. As stated earlier, the impact of computer games are especially influential since:.