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English essay the happiest day of my life

english essay the happiest day of my life

soccer research pool paper week 44 like a thunderbolt from the sky. Everyone passed through sad and happy times, but you have to have a day that is the best day of your life and that is what we will know here in The best day of my life essay. The thrill and the joy of possessing a new Santro car filled my days for sometime and it took me weeks to get back to normalcy. My mum kissed me on my cheek while my younger brother ran to call my father who was working in a near-by tea garden. When I reached home in the evening after the visit to my friend, I went through the magazine, which I had bought. I was at my home, having a morning tea. My heart skipped several beats as I ran to give this great news to my mother. It was a Saturday, 25th Oct., 2002. I was soon going to be the proud owner of a new car. At times in life, fortune so favours certain individuals that they are elevated to the pinnacle of glory and joy.

Not only did I secure second positions but also did a brave and noble act by saving the boy from going into the jaws.
First- Year at Harrow Sir Winston Churchill Sir Winston Churchill was a famous English statesman and was Prime Minister of England.
A happy day is that day when everything seems to go well with life and loved ones, though these happy days are also different from each other due to the degree.

english essay the happiest day of my life

One would wonder why and how should that event make me so very happy, that, I earmark it as the happiest day of my life. This was indeed the happiest day of my life and I don't think I shall ever forget it as long as I live.

I can never forget the day or the date. Within minutes my house became full of people. I ran round shouting like a kid at the happy news. THE happiest DAY OF MY life. People gathered around me to find out what had happened. Our lives are full of many days and events, some days will be happy full of good and joy that will bring joy to our hearts, and remain firmly in the heart e memories of the happy days remain present in the heart and spirit. I felt as though I had missed a pulse. English_Master essay 500 words long December 7, 2015 No Comments.

english essay the happiest day of my life

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I remember the day and date.
It was a Saturday, 4th Oct., 2002.
That day I had gone to the near-by town of Tinsukia, Assam, to see a friend of mine.