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Should a woman work outside the home essay

should a woman work outside the home essay

ill society. "Woman, of course, will solve this question for herself and she is solving it already. Why should you insist on going out for work to earn and suffer lust and bullying by men, when you can earn honorably at home? ) The crucial takeaway is that if you have a family, then family is the priority over ones own desires or the needs of others.

Many a girl is brought up without any gainful occupation. In a man-made world, however, where will these suitable occupations come from? It assumes that women have a sphere of responsibility at home, and that this should be engaged in diligently. Should woman have work outside THE home? Many people used to feel that a woman's place is inside the home caring for the family, but there are few people who feel this way anymore. At the other end of the record, however, the average is reversed, and there are a great many more old women than there are old men.

The human mind craves more than is contained in the narrow circle of home as food for its thought. Taking a job outside the home was frowned upon. Without enrichment from the larger world outside that circle, it becomes sterile. Ladies, think over it!

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