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Mlk cheated his dissertation

mlk cheated his dissertation

change have ever been uncovered. A viral item lists 'four things you didn't know' about Martin Luther King,. No other public holiday in the United States honors a single individual. They have also left a false impression about the range of his activities. Of course part of King's legend was to keep his personal mistakes private at least at the time. In addition to his personal vulnerability, he was also a man who attracted women, even when he didnt intend to, and attracted them in droves. Fortunately for King, his family and the world, he landed on the ground unhurt.

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If he had lived in today's world of constant scrutiny, King the legend could have been assassinated by the media long before King the man fell to an assailant's bullet. FAQ on their web site The readers of Kings dissertation,. Unfortunately and perhaps this was deliberate his wife Coretta received the tape and played it first. The chair Cartwright occupies was created by the Boston University trustees after Kings assassination. But alas, everyone has their vices, and women were King's.

The plagiarism, the panel said, was of passages from the works of philosophers whose concepts of God King was comparing in his work. King accepted money from the organizations to fund his movements.