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Thesis on importance of english language

thesis on importance of english language

has been the considered to be the first global Lingua Franca. The article lists four reasons why English is important the first reason is that even show more content, language is important because it's one of the main ways to communicate and interact with other people around. Language differs from nation to nation. 1.1.5 Reasons for choosing this topic for my research? It has become the International Business Language. It keeps phillip lopate essay film us in contact with other people. The Importance Of Language In The World English Language Essay.

thesis on importance of english language

Hence I have made this study to help them out in how to write abstract on research paper my own way. The English also instituted in India universities based on English models with emphasis on English. The lack of English knowledge makes anyone insufficient in the realm of education in todays world. Functions of Language: The three important functions of a language are as follows: Informative function: The primary function of a language is to communicate any information. There is an urgent requirement of such a common language which can be understood by youth all over India and the language in which all data and information is available. The global educational systems in the universities around the world have the requirement of English Language. One most famous among them is Arundati Roy, who won the prestigious Booker Prize for her novel The God of small things. Though this study will not remove all the hurdles faced by the first year college going students, it will create an awareness to improve their standard.

The Importance Of Language In The World English Language Essay
Essay on English Language: The International Language Bartleby

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