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Essay on phsical effects of smoking

essay on phsical effects of smoking

vast and well documented. Tobacco companies use images for smoking that are very attractive, adventurous and exciting. Withdrawal can also cause headaches and sleep problems. As a result, the addict students would suffer from health problems that end in death. Theres no safe way to smoke. Words: 697, pages: 3, cause And Effects Of Smoking will go in further detail about the effects of smoking and how hazardous it is to your body and health. Words: 587 Pages: 3 The Effects Of Smoking not smoking or be around those who smoke because recent research indicated that the list of diseases and death increases every day nowadays. Words: 874, pages: 4, negative Effects Of Smoking, states as a result of exposure to secondhand smoke Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking" 3). Words: 929 Pages: 4 Cause And Effect Of Smoking and even brown. If we look at the consequences of smoking, we will find so many.

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The second effect of smoking is how. Substances in tobacco smoke actually change the structure of your skin. So why do students smoke and what effects smoking has on them? One more important effect of smoking is that it causes a lot of anger for the addict. Your fingernails and toenails arent immune from the effects of smoking. They are just trying to have some fun when they smoke the first cigarette. Replacing your cigarette with a cigar, pipe, or hookah wont help you avoid the health risks. Words: 559 Pages:.