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Body of teenage pregnancy essay

body of teenage pregnancy essay

pregnancy costs the American taxpayers.1 billion a year due to health, foster care, and social services (Porta). Yah-yah is frustrated and on the verge of suicide. In the US, 30 out of 1,000 girls give birth before they turn. At the beginning of the XXI century, through joint efforts of psychologists, doctors and teachers, the number of teenage pregnancies was reduced. Michelle Golland stated, The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized world. There is an option of receiving public assistance, but a person must meet certain standards in order to qualify. Complications due to lack of knowledge of handling. One of the most serious is unexpected teen pregnancy. M, (December 31, 1969). Essay About Teenage Pregnancy.should be distributed in schools because of the growing number of teenage pregnancy, to minimize the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among adolescent and it is a good investment for the government to help control students irresponsible sexual behavior.

body of teenage pregnancy essay

Lack of communication between the parents and teens.
Too strong of a relationship.

How can we as society, prevent the causes in order to avoid the costly effects? Neglect/ Child abuse. If the Government should not give chances to these issues, teenage pregnancy will increase rapidly. Precautions may not be taken in such a situation.

These products lower a teens ability to control their impulses and actions. Suddenly his or her dreams, goals, world is turned upside down like a decorative snow globe. Another very important concern for preventing teen pregnancy is having a good guidance throughout the teenagers teen years. While a number of people might say that society should embrace this behavior, and accept the teens engaged, it is evident that this trend is having a negative impact on our society. The parent is then forced to work a low paying job to make ends meet, and with the rising costs of childrearing, it is often impossible to get.