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How to write a contingency plan for business

how to write a contingency plan for business

a day or longer? Political, a company plans what to do if political instability impacts its supply chain in a particular country or region. AEX Commercial Financing Group and has 30 years as a small-business consultant, sums it up: Contingency planning involves asking yourself what could go wrong for every aspect of your business, and then preparing an action plan for what you will do if that happens. Bush says that for small-business owners, its a good idea for them to assume responsibility for something this important.

Then make the necessary arrangements to provide. Keep a copy in paper format, as well. Some of the key points youll want to consider are: Timelines: When creating contingency plans, be sure to look at them from a timeline perspective. A list of common risk controls. The most popular articles on Simplicable in the past day. You can get some help by using the free contingency plan template, pDF offered by Kapnick Insurance Group. Because each risk calls for a unique contingency plan, youll have to devise one for each.

how to write a contingency plan for business

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