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What does honors thesis mean

what does honors thesis mean

consultations with your faculty advisor as well as library or archival staff. Accept criticism graciously and learn from. Chances are, your shoulders will already be piled high with obligations youre not excited about last-minute classes you need to take in order to graduate, the dreaded job search, grad school applications the list goes. A thesis requires a reflective, multi-stage writing process. All pages thereafter use Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.). Faculty cuba research paper also can help you start narrowing down potential topics. You spend your senior year working diligently on your honors thesis, and the end product is an impressive, 30-page paper that you will be able to brag about at dinner parties to future employers and to potential partners alike. A defense is a rare opportunity to have eminent scholars in your field focus on YOU and your ideas and work. Whichever style youre using, stick to the rules and be consistent. So spend some time after youve drafted to go back and clarify your overall argument and the individual chapter arguments and make sure they match the evidence you present.

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Its a good idea to review some of the honors theses other students have submitted to get a sense of what an honors thesis might look like and what kinds of things might be appropriate topics. Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein. Here are some questions to stimulate freewriting. Dont get lazy here! Didnt we just say that you needed to focus on the big picture? Beyond that, maybe youre particularly interested in female opponents of the ERA. Most departments require that you take a class that guides you through the honors project, so deadlines likely will be set for you.

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