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Demographic profile essay

demographic profile essay

and development in current occupation. For example, in appendix 1 information provided in graph 1 shows there are 14,145 female Native Americans residing in Kansas (U.S. As shown in the Table.14, the p-value of work itself.00 which is lower than the significance value.01 degree ( 2-tailed ) and the R value.836. also with 120,000 people living with HIV/aids. Ayishabi (1991) on Nuthanap (2007) studied biology achievement of scheduled caste and non-scheduled caste high school pupils. It is interesting to study how they behave in such situations. Vijayalaxmi and Natesan on Kulkarni (2013) studied factors influencing academic achievement from Coimbatore, a total of 100 students studying in the 11th thesis for hamlet tragic hero grade were selected for the study of which 50 were girls and 50 were boys.

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Based on the Table.11, the highest cronbach s alpha is chances for promotion and development standing.911. Annual income of the family has no significant influence on the study habits of the students. The 2nd highest is occupation satisfaction which the cronbach s alpha.901 followed by committee wage and work itself which the cronbach s alpha are.899 and.881. Second, it is followed by AD4.1084, AD1.1034 and AD3.0936. Table.12: Trials of Normality Kolmogorov-Smirnova Shapiro-Wilk Statistic df Sig. Second, it is followed by AD1 with the standard divergence value.79238, AD3 with the standard divergence value.78734 and AD2 with the standard divergence value.75321. There were 90 boys and 90 girls.

demographic profile essay

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