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Three essays on sexuality pdf

three essays on sexuality pdf

psychoneurotics only fall ill after the age of puberty as a result of the demands made upon them by normal sexual life. A child who is indulging in sensual sucking searches about his body and chooses some part of it to suck - a part which is afterwards preferred by him from force of habit; if he happens to hit upon one of the predestined regions (such. Support the site using your credit/debit card via Donorbox, using the secure payment gateway, Stripe. In that case, under certain external conditions - of which inaccessibility of any normal sexual object and imitation are the chief - they are capable of taking as their sexual object someone of their own sex and of deriving satisfaction from sexual intercourse with him. We learn with some astonishment from psycho-analysis of the transmutations normally undergone by the sexual excitations arising from this zone and of the frequency with which it retains a considerable amount of susceptibility to genital stimulation throughout life. Both the feet and the hair are objects with a strong smell which have been exalted into fetishes after the olfactory sensation has become unpleasurable and been abandoned.

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We have every reason to believe, however, that these views give a very false picture of the true situation. Nevertheless, it is even easier to dispose of that view in this case than in that of inversion. Or again, if we know that concentration of attention may give rise to sexual excitation, it seems plausible to assume that by making use of the same path, but in a contrary direction, the condition of sexual excitation may influence the possibility of directing the. In this respect a child, by turning his libido into anxiety when he cannot satisfy it, behaves like an adult. In ordinary speech the connotation of sadism oscillates between, on the one hand, cases merely characterized by an active or violent attitude to the sexual object, and, on the other hand, cases in which satisfaction is entirely conditional on the humiliation and maltreatment of the.