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Errata list thesis

errata list thesis

Proposition III.6.4: Not an error per se, but o henry ending essay further calculations demonstrated that for the characteristic 7 explicit calculations, the equations h_7,3 and h_7,4 are redundant, so that in fact the space of connections with vanishing p-curvature can be cut out by 2 curves. Corollary.4.4 (i "the generic fiber of Z over U" - "the generic fiber of Z over B" Proof of Corollary.4.4, end of second paragraph: "some neighborhood U of b, as desired." - "some neighborhood of b, as desired." Proof of Lemma.5.3: replace. That notwithstanding, preparing an errata document for your Bachelor thesis might be beneficial for later steps where previous works you created during your studies might be taken into account,.g. Lemma.4.2: Statement is corrected to use the family of Li rather than L, and modified to fit modified proof of Theorem.4.3 (see major corrections). Whether or not there is any opportunity to submit the errata will depend largely on the rules of your institution. Patches to security issues in a computer program are also sometimes called errata.

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Published June 18, 2015 10:36 AM - Last modified Sep. Because the base scheme is arbitrary, remove in particular, it is torsion-free, and the cokernel of the first map must also be torsion-free", and note that the argument remains valid.

This affects the statements of Propositions.5.5 and.5.6 and Theorem.5.7, but not Theorem.0.1. Proof of Proposition.30 (ii Take traces of all matrices in displayed equation). "changing q by a multiple of g_21" - "changing q by a multiple of g_1" Proof of Proposition.5.8, end of second paragraph: "p - alpha_i" - "p - 2 alpha_i" Section.4, first paragraph: "of trivial determinant on E" - "of trivial determinant. Proof of Proposition.4.1, end of first paragraph: "and M_i by D(1, mu-1 - "and M_i by D(1, mu-1) M_i" middle of second paragraph: "we can multiply M" - "we can multiply M_i" Proof of Proposition.5.6, middle of first paragraph: Switch h_1, h_2. Minor corrections, other, the following corrections are the result of typos not affecting statements of any prompt essay definition results.

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errata list thesis

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