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My happy day in my life essay

my happy day in my life essay

new Santro car costing over four or five lakhs. It took me to sleep that night for the sweetness of the trip to myself. I was surprised to find a scratch and win a gift page with an attached post card. The school was a little far away, and there were no cars at this hour. My father took me shopping the same day because he felt that I would need some more things to take with. 50,000 cashes and the third prize were 3 days Goa trip and Rs 25,000 cash. The fun of it ended with it and the matter was forgotten. I won the lottery, shopped everything from my wish list, got a car for my family, danced and ate great food and celebrated the New Year. There is no doubt that our lives are full of happy and sad events, but what we must remember is the happy event that gives us a boost in our lives. All of this will be found here in Memorable day of my life essay.

my happy day in my life essay

Related Essays : 330 words short essay on Happiest Day of My Life (Free to read). Essay for School Students Scene in the Examination Hall. Short Essay on the Importance of Physical Exercise. There are many days in life that bring joy and pleasure but some days are the happiest and remain in our mind forever.

Everyone at my home thanked me and said that they are truly blessed to have me as a part of the family. Everyone at the party congratulated. Before returning from the trip, the principal was inspecting the names of the students. Lottery Rubric, at first my mother was reluctant to buy the ticket, but later on she agreed when I continually irritated her by my requests and kept on saying her please, please, please all the time! My mind was filled with various ideas about how I would spend my time with my cousins. My half-yearly examination had just got over and so I had plenty of free time to spare.  I remembered an incident still engraved in my memory and in my heart. I felt as if an angel has waved the magical lucky dust.

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My mum kissed me on my cheek while my younger brother ran to call my father who was working in a near-by tea garden. One such day of my life was 31st December 2010. I started dreaming about Disney world, Universal studios, the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon and all the other tourist attractions that I had perfect introduction for sat essay read about in magazines. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. On a holiday, I was sitting in my room after finishing my home work.

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