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Begomovirus thesis

begomovirus thesis

number. Improvement in plant growth and appreciable enhancement in fruit yields was also recorded in sprayed plants of three. Curcas growing in experimental plots of the csir-nbri, Lucknow, northern India. Further, the full length viral genome were amplified from the DNA isolated from infected. 334342 (1996) Google Scholar. More, plants and plant pathogens are subject to continuous co-evolutionary pressure for dominance, and the outcomes of these interactions can substantially impact agriculture and food security. Current Sci 91: 584-586.

The disease incidence was about 30-35 in Jatropha species growing field. Curcas plants like mosaic, reduced leaf size, leaf distortion, blistering and stunting. DNA A encodes a replication-associated protein (Rep) responsible for viral replication, a replication enhancer protein (REn the coat protein (CP) and transcription activator protein (Trap) that regulate the expression of gene. Blastn analysis of the DNA-A (HM230683) of begomovirus isolated from. By contrast, the loss of limyb function releases the repression of translation-related genes and increases susceptibility to virus infection. The melon variety Hikapel was used in this study. Snehi SK, Srivastava A, Raj SK (2012) Biological characterization and complete genome sequence of a possible strain of Indian cassava mosaic virus associated with mosaic disease of Jatropha curcas in India. Journal of Plant Pathology Microbiology. Gossypifolia 19 reported from Jamaika.