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Argumentative essay about smoking in public place

argumentative essay about smoking in public place

do not possess the foresight and self-preservation experience to avoid doing things that could one day kill them. A puff of cigarette can harm a smokers health. It is unfair for one persons nasty habit to affect another persons health. His mouth is open, but he cannot respond to his mother, wife or three-year-old son anymore. Lets rid our wonderful society of this evil poison, this killer of people, this addictive substance essays about global warming causes with no health value whatsoever. It is made clear that it is not the authors opinion by the topic sentence: opponents of such a ban argue against it for several reasons ". When the government starts telling restaurant owners what their customers can and cannot do, the government is overstepping its boundaries.

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Now kahn thesis of parmenides that fewer people are smoking cigarettes, because of the well-documented health concerns related to its use, more cities and districts are cracking down on smoking in public places and rightfully. The larger the area, the larger the vent, the larger the vent the more powerful it needs to be, the more powerful it needs to be the louder. A large majority of smokers legitimately want to quit, but have no drive. When children are exposed to secondhand smoke, many develop life threatening diseases later in life as a result of that exposure. You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Children all over the United States are unwillingly exposed to parental secondhand smoke in public, in cars, and at home. We find smoking to be irritating for a number of reasons. In a poll taken in the state of California both smokers and non-smokers were asked how they felt about the states no smoking law for restaurants and bars and their desire to eat there. The writer then clearly shows they are moving on to the other argument which is their own (and it has clearly been stated in the thesis that this is their argument ". Everyone knows that second-hand smoke is just as, if not more, dangerous than directly inhaling the smoke. They should certainly be banned everywhere, not just in public places. Childrens lungs are vulnerable to the effects of secondhand smoke, and this can cause serious problems down the road.

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