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Nicola tesla essay harnessing the human energy

nicola tesla essay harnessing the human energy

conductivity imparted to the air by these electrical impulses of many millions of volts increased very rapidly with the degree of rarefaction, so that air strata at very moderate altitudes, which are easily accessible, offer, to all. In the present state of the mechanical and electrical arts the most rational way of deriving energy from coal is evidently to manufacture gas close to the coal store, and to utilize it, either on the spot or elsewhere, to generate electricity for industrial uses. The problem was rendered extremely difficult by the extraordinary inertness of the nitrogen, which refuses to combine even with oxygen. . To reduce or entirely overcome these dissimilar retarding forces, radically different methods must be employed. . This new field has proved itself fruitful beyond expectation, and in the few years which have passed since, it has been developed to such an extent that it now forms a legitimate and important department of medical science. . Even now it is cheaper to convey an electric current through aluminium wires than through copper wires; aluminium castings cost less, and in many domestic and other uses copper has no chance of successfully competing. .

THE human mass THE harnessing OF THE SUN S energy.
Energy, With Special References to the Harnessing of by Nikola Tesla - Part.
This long essay, first published in Century Illustrated Magazine in June 1900.
The Problem of Increasing Human Energy: With Special Reference to the Harnessing o f the Sun s Energy Nikola Tesla.

It is not the mind which makes man, nor is it the body; it is mind and body. . 176 which, with its title, is self explanatory. .

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Evidently the automaton should respond only to an individual call, as a person responds to a name. . The wild character was gradually softened by the awakening of noble sentiments, and so, imperceptibly, after ages of continued progress, we have come from the brutal fight of the unreasoning animal to what we call the "civilized warfare" of to-day, in which the combatants shake. The man who should stop this senseless waste would be a great benefactor of humanity, though the solution he would offer could not be a permanent one, since it would ultimately lead to the exhaustion of the store of material. . Much of this task on which I have labored so long remains to be done. In this manner many compounds of nitrogen may be manufactured all over the world, at a small cost, and in any desired amount, and by means of these compounds the soil can be fertilized and its productiveness indefinitely increased. . Owing to this it is unequaled in explosive violence. . This simple illustration shows that it is of greatest importance to add mass of a higher velocity. . At that time I at once rejected the latter method as entirely impracticable, and turned to examine the possibilities of the former. The only rational way known to me at the time when I began the study of this subject was to employ some kind of heat- or thermodynamic-engine, driven by a volatile fluid evaporate in a boiler by the heat of the rays. . This heat was to be applied to the smelting of ore. . Our atmosphere contains an inexhaustible amount of nitrogen, and could we but oxidize it and produce these compounds, an incalculable benefit for mankind would follow.