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Environmental psychology essay

environmental psychology essay

: bridging the concept op place to urban conservation planning. Bell,.A., greene,.C., fisher,.D. However, Castello (2006) states that place is a unit where human experiences and physical form are fused together, creating a unitary context. Social factors are presence, willingness and personal characteristics of others who have the potential for social interaction. Consequently, by combining these mechanisms individuals can efficiently express their needed level of privacy to others in order to attain the optimal level of privacy. Secondary territories: this type of territory is not that essential to individuals as the person does not have complete control over the environment and the duration of the occupancy is temporary.

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Modern psychology is the collecting of facts and turning them into psychological theories to explain people's behavior and sometimes to predict and influence their future behavior. What is Environmental PsychologyEnvironmental psychology is quite simply the relationship between people and their surroundings. It is suggested by Inalhan and Finch (2004) that the concept of place attachment is complex and multi-faceted, as place attachment has been studied by scholars from several disciplines such as; anthropology, architecture, family and consumer studies, folklore, gerontology, landscape architecture, psychology and urban planning. Boston: Allyn and Bacon. 4.1 Types of territoriality Gifford (1997 Veitch and Arkkelin (1995) and Fraine et al (2007) recognize two systems for classifying territorialities: the Altman system as well as the Lyman and Scott system. Gifford (1997) further declares that it is not easy to assess privacy because of its complex nature; as it has been measured in terms of preference, behaviour, need and expectation of each individual. However, according to Bell et al (2005) cognitive maps refer to a mental framework that holds some representation for the spatial arrangement of the physical environment.

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