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Child beauty pageants discursive essay

child beauty pageants discursive essay

Imagine you are at home, watching. They will literally seek out their competition to tell them that theyre ugly and say that theyre going to lose. Young girls have to go through excessive beauty treatments like tanning, waxing and other cosmetic treatments which may help to enhance their looks. The people who are strongly opposed to child beauty pageants view the children involved as being objectified and treated more like eye candy than little girls. Flipping through the channels, you see a preview for next weeks episode of Toddlers Tiaras. While many parents find nothing wrong with entering their children in pageants, it is the wrong thing. If the kids were older, they could really let the parents know whether they liked it or not. Many of them end up as victims or pawns of child abuse as they are thrust into this arena of outside beauty at a very young age. tags: objectified, contestants, sexy. This is Cleo Glyde, a model who is now a healthy size.

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If the only girls allowed to enter were older, I think the pageant world would greatly improve. Beauty pageants teach young girls bad lessons and causes them to grow up too fast. It doesnt matter if you can breathe. The pageants were designed to help boost childrens self-esteem and confidence. I Just Want essay on garvi gujarat in gujarati language to Be Me Again!: beauty pageants, reality television and post-feminism. .