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El nino cause and effect essay

el nino cause and effect essay

the obvious dangers of the current and the pounding waves, there are possible microscopic enemies at large. Sometimes an extremely warm event can develop that last for much longer time periods. Historical records have built up to the point that researchers have a clear idea of what the likely effects of each enso is likely to be in any given year. The presence of El Nio can significantly influence ocean conditions and weather patterns across large portions of the globe. Ml ml ml. Then, it reverses and heads back toward. Marginal areas suffer or thrive depending on the effects of El Nio and La Nia leading to further knock on effects elsewhere (4). Greater instances of tornados in those states of the US already vulnerable to them.

el nino cause and effect essay

La Nia is effectively the opposite of El Nio, indicated by prolonged periods of sea temperatures in the same region (2 and the effects stated above are generally reversed. Water temperatures increase along the coast as far as the Galapagos islands. The wind is now blowing out from the center of the ocean to the east and to the west. This flooding can cause property damage to the point where people have to leave their homes and seek shelter elsewhere. Basically, El Nio is a naturally occurring phenomenon that is linked to a periodic warming in sea surface temperatures across the central and east-central Equatorial Pacific. It contributes to significant weather changes around the world, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The effects of El Nio can sometime be erratic and are not always be predictable. For example, conditions at the start of 2014 were remarkably similar to the 1997/8 enso event and so therefore it was expected to be an El Nio year. With the ocean temperature evened out, and the warmest waters being more toward the center of the ocean, the cloudy, rainy weather that typically occurs in the east now occurs in the center of the ocean. tags: California Beaches Environmental Essays Free Essays 1310 words (3.7 pages) magnitude and timing to be determined said Tim Barnett, one of the model makers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla. In eastern countries, like India and Indonesia, there is an increase in droughts. Fishing in equatorial coastal countries like Ecuador and Peru becomes difficult, as fish in the waters near these countries tend to disappear in the months of December and January.