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Landscape design research paper

landscape design research paper

or patio pavers. (More information about the map can be found in my 2006. Ordinary plants can also be used for emphasis by isolating the plant in a container (Figure 15) or an open space. Maps are good for visualizing relationships. Figure 2 shows the use of circle segments for hardscape and lawn panels. This method helps create or refine the information architecture of a site by exposing users mental models. Form and color are usually the characteristics that contrast the most with plants. Horizontal lines can spatially divide a space or tie a space together. For example, a benchmarking study is usually very tightly scripted and more quantitative in nature, so that it can produce reliable usability metrics.

Behavioral Dimension, this distinction can be summed up by contrasting "what people say" versus "what people do" (very often the two are quite different). Design Dialogues imagines the possibilities of design as a transformative revisioning of systems that matter. Ethnographic Field Studies : researchers meet with and study participants in their natural environment, where they would most likely encounter the product or service in question. Medium Texture Most plants are medium texture, in that they cannot be described as having either coarse or fine texture. Perhaps the most common element in a composition is line.

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