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Superstition essay pdf

superstition essay pdf

time of hooting. Illiterate and weak-minded people all over the world often are biography search a prey to superstitions. It was believed that these ghosts operated at night and that they were visible to some people and invisible to others. If someone sneezes, when one is getting ready to go out to accomplish a task, he is likely to fail, People dont like to be called back and asked a question when they are setting out for some work. Their minds are rigid and they are against all progressive movements. In short, a person can never progress in life if his approach to things is not objective. A person getting number thirteen for his car will shudder to drive his vehicle for tear of accidents. A belief based on ignorance or fear is a superstition. Their lives are ruled by them and they base their actions on the various superstitious beliefs.

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The throbbing of eyes, a cat crossing our way, coming across a Brahmin-all these are believed to be inauspicious. Not long ago small-pox was considered as the result of the wrath of a goddess. An educated mind is never swayed by them.

The less a race is enlightened, the more it tends to be superstitious. One should not undertake a journey if one sneezes at the time of start. Although superstitious beliefs are still current, with the spread of education, many of the superstitions have died. . Thus, they originate and thrive on human ignorances and blind-faith in things mysterious and unknown. At times, superstitions are stretched too far. That is why people have more faith in quacks and superstitious cures than in doctors how to handle family drama expository essays and medicines. We find it all over the world. Many of our religious rituals and rites are blind beliefs and tricks played by the priests, etc., on the gullible people. The hold of superstitions on mankind is still strong. She was tried by churchmen. Owl is another illomened bird. . It has been responsible for a vast amount of cruelty, misery and madness.

They tend to interpret every phenomenon irrationally. Although most people know that superstitions are based on imagination and are nowhere close. Copyright: All Rights Reserved. Superstitions are deemed as pertinent in India because these generally hint at future occurrences and can either be good or bad.

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