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Essay about air pollution cause and effect

essay about air pollution cause and effect

are three main air pollutants that cause harmful effects to livestock. As a result the amount of air pollution has increased over time. More than 80 of lung diseases are caused by air pollution. Air pollution is increasing day by day because of the increasing number of industries. Other sources are jet plane emissions which contain chlorofluorocarbons. Air provides us with oxygen that is essential for living. A classic example of a primary pollutant would be the sulfur-dioxide emitted from factories. It corrodes materials made of stone like statues and monuments. Instead of excessive reliance on these polluting substances, alternative methods of electricity generation such as solar, wind, bioenergy, geothermal energy, etc., needs to be promoted. When it rains, the water droplets combines with these air pollutants, becomes acidic and then falls on the ground in the form of acid rain.

essay about air pollution cause and effect

Writing a cause and effect essay takes students lots efforts cause the main idea of writing such an essay is to examine the reasons and the results of the.
Air pollution refers to a chemical, physical or biological alteration to the atmospheric air.
It results whenever harmful gasses, smoke, or dust enters.

Lots of dirty wastes produced by people on daily basis especially in the big cities polluting the whole atmospheric air to a great extent. The WHO has set guidelines and fixed threshold limit values (TLV) for each air pollutant. Polluted air is causing damage to the plants, animals and human beings in many direct and indirect ways. In order to increase awareness among students about this issue, Air Pollution Essay has become an important topic for the essay writing competition. They cause synthesis essay score 9 eye irritation and respiratory diseases. When the concentrations of the air pollutants go beyond the acceptable limits (variable for each pollutant) they are dangerous and cause several harmful effects. Air Pollutants like harmful liquid droplets, solids particulates, and toxic gases (oxides of carbon, halogenated and non-halogenated hydrocarbons, nitrogen and sulphur gases, suspended inorganic particulate matters, inorganic and organic acids, bacteria, viruses, insecticides etc) which are generally not the constituents of fresh air are very. Secondary air pollutants: These are produced in the air as a result of interaction among the primary pollutants, or by a reaction that occurs between a primary pollutant and a normal constituent of the atmosphere. Similarly, other anthropogenic activities contribute to the destructive loop.

Air pollutants are broadly classified into particulate and gaseous. The particulate substances include solid and liquid particles. This could cause an increase in temperature referred to as the green house effect. Melting polar ice caps and glaciers could cause sea levels to rise, flooding most of the major. Air pollution is the contamination of the air that we breathe.

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