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Essay on fashion in today's world

essay on fashion in today's world

and out of vogue. Only several decades ago it was stylish for women to be quite plump and to wear modest clothers. In India, main source of fashion is the entertainment and film industry of glamorous world. It is followed not only in clothes but also in hair-styles, shoes, etiquette or manners. There is a continuous crossbreeding of fashions. . People never like to be considered out of fashion. Their dressing style, hair style, accessories, language and personality all shows that how much they are influenced by fashion.

essay on fashion in today's world

Having interest or passion in fashion world helps youths in making professional career. Today s youths are totally influenced by new fashion trends.

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Being fashionable, we have to face some good and bad effects: Being fashionable enables you to feel confident and assure about yourselves. Fashion brings an interesting twist in our boring life which makes us with feeling of confidence and up to date according to this changing environment. Today women are participating in national and international activities Working with men in all fields. Fashion parades and shows are held in big five star hotels to exhibit the latest dresses. These students hardly realize that by neglecting their studies, they are ruining their own career. I would not be comfortable with a person who wears expensive and showy outfits. Young people all over the world are becoming more and more fashion conscious. One pod result of fashions is that more and more girls are coming into,open and taking jobs, which were once exclusively meant for men. Fashion doesnt have a single definition but it consist a huge essence of life style.

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