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Short essay on food security in india

short essay on food security in india

coastline, villagers in 13 states engaged in fishing as their secondary activity. More than 26 types of climatic conditions can cultivate large variety of fruits, crops, vegetables. When all means of self-support are exhausted, the affected population begins to migrate in search of food or fall victim to outright mass starvation. How to reform public procurement, food storage and distribution? m Akbar, Arifa (17 September 2010).

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Compounding this problem was the intermittent fighting due to goal college papers civil war, the government 's lack of organization in providing relief, and hoarding of supplies to control the population. As many as one million more died from starvation, disease, and exhaustion resulting from these policies. The teaching faculty in most of the Indian academic institutions studied has limited industry experience / exposure. 27 Colonial period A 1906 Punch cartoon depicting King Leopold II as a rubber vine entangling a Congolese man. And fresh produce is sold through vendors with push-carts wastage because they dont have cold storage. Droughts and famines in Imperial Russia are known to have happened every 10 to 13 years, with average droughts happening every 5 to 7 years.

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