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Introduction to postmodernism essay

introduction to postmodernism essay

showed and what is the real perfect home. Consumerist goods have also lost touch with their true form through the complex industrial process. Now society does not know where most of their food comes from. It is recognized as an illusion, which also means recognizing the real. In the second, associated with the industrial revolution, the distinctions between the image and the representation break down due to mass production. Baudrillard points to numerous phenomena in society to explain this loss: Media culture, Exchange value, Multinational Capitalism, Urbanization and Language and Ideology. In essence, civilization is inundated with these images and representations, but the problem lies in our inability to discern these images from reality. There is a great deal of disagreement over whether or not recent technological and cultural changes represent a new historical period, or merely an extension of the modern one.

As we further lose touch with nature, we lose touch with ourselves also, by forgetting where we came from. Reality thus vanishes into these images and signs. The third, associated with the Postmodern age, relies on the complete lack of distinction between reality and its representation, as the representation precedes and determines the real (Baudrillard, 1994). These mass-produced copies or simulacrum, misrepresent the reality beneath them, by imitating it so well that it threatens to replace the original. The first, associated with the pre-modern period, is the image that is a clear counterfeit of the original. M, (December 31, 1969). Rather, he is suggesting that society has lost the ability to make the distinction between the reality of representation, and the representation itself. Postmodernism questions whether these ideals can actually exist at all. APA, mLA, chicago, modernism/Postmodernism. Critics of the idea claim that it does not represent liberation, but rather a failure of creativity, and the supplanting of organization with syncretism and bricolage.

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