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Law schools optional essays

law schools optional essays

The answer here is a qualified yes. Here's the deal: Do they even want to hear what you have to say? Imagine, for a moment, that you signed up for a lecture on the Revolutionary War and then got to the lecture and had to sit through three hours of advanced calculus instead. More than the school has space to admit for the coming academic year. If you do write it, it will sound less than sincere, and that is more harmful than helpful.

If a school wants to know why you are interested in applying there, tell them! Would you be annoyed and upset? Show how your background (e.g., socioeconomic status, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation) can contribute to the diversity of their entering class. Some will be eliminated based purely on the numbers, without more than a cursory review (or none at all) of the soft factors.

When it comes to the optional essays, your decision taking notes for research paper for kids as to whether to write one is not as clear-cut. Optional essays set you apart. If not, you probably should have. Image courtesy of, health Gauge). If I write it, will they think it's too much? . Some will cut their own throats by submitting applications riddled with typos and omissions or by getting caught in the act of some unscrupulous application practice.