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Essay on fire and ice

essay on fire and ice

there is a general feeling of coldness or "Ice". When one little boy has a new shiny toy, all the other little boys want that same new shiny toy too. On the other hand fire can also reveal the end of the world by means of an eternal fire bringing about one of two ways he describes as the end of the world. New York: Pearson, 2012. In order to explain the view of fire symbolizing desire punjabi essay on internet and passion, one must refer to the basic definition in adjective form. Asking which one is better for you, a cold slow death or a hot slow death. "Fire and Ice" by Robert Frost suggest that the world will end by fire or by ice. Got a writing question? I believe Frost is referring to fire as inside the human heart forcing the drive and beat to everyone's passion in life. This is what I believe Robert Frost wanted us to get from his poem Fire and Ice. In the Bible, the book of Revelations also say that the next time that God comes to take his people that he is going to destroy the world by fire.

Fire and, ice, essay, example for Free

essay on fire and ice

essay on fire and ice

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Fire would represent all the passion, lust, desire, and enw while ice represents the cooler and calmer emotions such as humans hate or ambition. Because Frost never gave the true meaning, the reader is left to let the imagination wonder. He wished we would take what he had to say and imply it to our daily lives. Negatively the word desire can mean the. People not of the Christian faith believe that the world is going to end, just not in fire. Fire which is passion, and kindness can be seen as the civil rights movement, and ice, or hatred, can be seen as the man how to save energy essay in urdu who killed Martin Luther King Junior. The two elements fire and ice are in a never ending conflict with each other. To me this is saying you would have to choose the lesser of the two evils. While ice or hatred destroys more slowly.