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How to erase pen writing from paper

how to erase pen writing from paper

disappeared. Finding the right eraser has been compared to " fighting your way through a jungle ". Wearing rubber gloves, hold the portion of the paper that you want the pen ink removed from under the acetone for three minutes. Formula of synthetic rubber (vinyl polyvinyl chloride, chalk/kaolin, pigment, softening agent (paraffin oil?) ( src use by rubbing surface.

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how to erase pen writing from paper

Formula of synthetic rubber major barbara essay (vinyl thermoplastic elastomere, chalk/pumice/glass powder, color pigments, paraffin oil for softening. Dip a cotton swab in acetone. Useful for erasing large areas of pencil markings without damaging the paper. Warning, acetone is highly flammable. Acetone is also poisonous. If you use this technique on printer ink, the stain will dissipate, but won't go away completely. Absorbs pencil marks rather than creating particles of rubber - that's right: no residue! Conveniently located on back of pencils. After three minutes, remove the paper and allow it to dry. From pencil talk's informal research, Mars Plastic is the most effective at completely erasing pencil marks).