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Are video games good for you essay

are video games good for you essay

is over. A study by the Michigan State Universitys Children and Technology Project found a mla for essays in college research relation between video game playing and greater creativity, regardless of gender, race or type of video game played. This is likely attributed to Nintendos Wii system that introduced motion control gaming to players all over the world. Another study suggests that chronic exposure to violent video games is not only associated with lower empathy, but emotional callousness as well. Even if there plenty of basement-dwelling gamers out there, that doesnt mean all gamers have problems socializing in public and making friends. After the study, Green had nothing but good things to say: Action video games are fast-paced, and there are peripheral images and events popping up, and disappearing. Children who play more violent video games are more likely to have increased aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and decreased prosocial helping, according to a scientific study (Anderson Bushman, 2001). . Loners are the outliers in gaming, not the norm. In fact, a study conducted by researchers at the University of Iowa showed that playing games can do just that. The study suggests that playing action video games primes the brain to make quick decisions.

are video games good for you essay

These video games are teaching people to become better at taking sensory data in, and translating it into correct decisions. Some online games are even played internationally, and this can introduce your kid to players of different nationalities and cultures. .

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Another study by vision scientists at the University of Rochester and Vanderbilt University found that children with the next generation essay poor vision see vast improvement in their peripheral vision after only eight hours of training via kid-friendly video games. Or, do video games really hinder our ability to learn, make us more violent, or affect our physical health? Video Game Addictions, children with video game addictions, if left untreated, could have disastrous effects as adults. But just like maintaining a healthy exercise routine can help your body feel 50 when youre 60, our brain can also be kept in shape. The gamer must deal with immediate problems while keeping his long-term goals on his horizon.

Video games are electronic human interactive games, which can be played in different types of consoles in a variety of ways.
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Are video games good for you?
Or, do video games really hinder our ability to learn, make us more violent, or affect our physical health?