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Drive in theater essay

drive in theater essay

the first time in Warwick, New York, to see "It.". Clunky portable radios and ancient boomboxes sometimes stand in the middle of clustered viewers. Hull's large, white movie screen is supported by metal framework in the middle and by wooden telephone poles on the sides, which suggests that the screen may have been enlarged at some point in the past. I wanted to understand why, if we still loved cars and movies, drive-ins werent able to survive. In 1956, the Georgia Theater Company added a second screen, and the drive-in's name was changed to the Starlight Twin to reflect the expansion. Going to a theater is a good change for a person in contrast to watching it at home.

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But don't worry about being bored there are park benches, a playground slide, and a giant grassy area for kids to play on and parents to picnic while waiting for the movie to start. Instead in June 1999, Eric and Elise Sheffield held a public meeting with fifty concerned fans, and they agreed to form a non-profit group called " Hull's Angels " to keep the drive-in open. After nearly fifty years in operation, the Commerce Drive-In closed in 2001. Jim Kopp's passion for drive-ins led the couple to spend 300,000 on updates and renovations. Today some 400 drive-ins remain in the United States, a number that has not changed much in the past five years. But drive-ins are also a destination even if you live relatively close. When Atlanta's only other active drive-in, the North 85 Twin, closed in 1998 to make way for a multiplex, nostalgia over its loss combined with the "retro" revival to renew interest in the Starlight Six. At the peak of drive-in popularity in the late 50s, the Los Angeles metropolitan area, including Orange County, was home to nearly 70 drive-ins.

drive in theater essay

That man was Richard Milton Hollingshead,. Free Essay: Movies are one of the biggest entertainment sources fo r anyone in the world, and for. History of the Drive-In Movie Theater Essay. Viewers watch a movie at Shankweiler s drive-in during the hey day of drive-in theaters. (Courtesy of Shankweiler s Drive-In Theatre Archives).

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