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Essay on the sun

essay on the sun

much, much closer. Sometimes only part of the moon comes between us and the Sun: this is called a partial solar eclipse. Magnetic fields seem to play a part, but the precise mechanism is an active area of scientific research. The reason for the high temperatures of the corona is not well understood.

Instead, as you move from space toward the Sun's core, the gas gets denser and denser. In a total solar eclipse it is often possible to see chromosphere, the layer of thin gas between the Suns surface and the Suns corona. . Most of the Sun's radiation escapes from the photosphere and is detected as sunlight that we observe here on Earth.

During a total solar eclipse, when the Moon covers the photosphere from our view, the chromosphere can be seen as a red rim around the Sun. It is a natural consequence of the Sun being so hot the corona gas has too much energy to be gravitationally bound to the Sun. As the moon orbits round the earth, it very occasionally comes between the Sun and the earth. In fact, our Sun is a rather ordinary star it's critical thinking ethics not particularly big or particularly small, it's not particularly young or particularly old. However, since it is so close to Earth, it is the one star that we can mostly easily study. This cycle is closely related to the magnetism of the Sun. For example, solar prominences rise up through the chromosphere from the photosphere. The chromosphere is essentially transparent to most visible radiation, so that light emitted by the photosphere just passes right through the chromosphere. In turn, the carbohydrates in plants form the primary source of energy for humans and many other life forms. Just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill star.

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