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Decolonisation of indochina essay

decolonisation of indochina essay

national capital was moved from Hue to Saigon. The new regime was to remain part of the French Union but would be self-governing at least in theory. VNA officers were given the same command training as French soldiers. For more information please refer to our. Paris began negotiating with figurehead emperor Bao Dai about forming a government. Despite heavily outnumbering French forces the Viet Minh were hindered by severe weapons shortages, particularly a lack of artillery and munitions. At its peak, the cefeo numbered more than 200,000 men, the majority Vietnamese. Some months later, India gained its independence, although it was subjected to a partition which created the new state of Pakistan. In 1948, the United Kingdom also granted independence to Burma and Ceylon, and in 1957 to Malaya. Though Mao was writing of the situation in his own country, his pamphlet had lessons for Giap and the Viet Minh: The principal characteristics of Chinas revolutionary war are: a vast semi-colonial country which is unevenly developed politically and economically a big and powerful enemy. Laos and Cambodia were officially recognised after proclaiming their independence in 1953.

To reference this page, use the following citation:. In response to this threat and with the Korean War beginning in June 1950, the United States declared that it was willing to give material aid to the French war essay on labeling theory effort by supplying arms. This shift would facilitate the final decisive engagement of the First Indochina War: the. On 19 December, the Viet Minh launched a counter-attack on the European districts in Hanoi, massacring dozens. Atlee: Britain could not be blamed for the failure of the Indians to agree among themselves. Instead, the Viet Minh sought to avoid decisive battles and withdraw to the countryside, jungles and mountains. The French troops set themselves the difficult task of reconquering land held by the Viet Minh and gradually became embroiled in a protracted colonial struggle fought far from French soil that claimed many lives. 1947) separated the Muslim majority areas in NW NE from the rest of India. . The intention was to make the war costly and unpopular back in France. The Gold Coast became the first GB territory in Africa to gain independence inspiration for other African colonies.

Introduction, britain was prepared to grant independence when it felt that individual territories were ready for it, and most of the new states retained a link with Britain by remaining in the British Commonwealth (a group of former British controlled nations which agreed to continue. The Soviet Union and Mao Tse-Tungs communist China stepped up their support to the Viet Minh troops by sending weapons, equipment, instructors, etc. His leadership had a profound effect on the outcomes of the First Indochina War and, later, the Vietnam War. The French seemed determined to preserve its empire at all costs costly military campaigns and eventually they had to admit defeat. Vietnam was divided into two parts: whilst northern Vietnam fell under the communist control of Ho Chi Minh, a nationalist dictatorship took power south of the 17th parallel. One invaluable source of ideas was a 1936 pamphlet called. The enemy, according to one French soldier, melted into the jungle. But unlike France, the United States refused to accept the outcome of the Geneva Conference and remained firmly behind the cause of independence for South Vietnam.

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