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Diversity in america essays

diversity in america essays

society. People came here in search of better life and new opportunities to live a better life. They worked as small merchants, farmers, grocers, domestics. The benefits of diversity are people of all races, belief, and religion can continue to educate themselves about others. In American history we came to know the vast majority came here that brought their culture with themselves. My race did not give up and ignored the stereotyped that others thought of them. This kind of stereotyping makes people continue the hate in schools, communities, and on the internet. I always found my self trying to prove to others of a different race I was not the lazy person who grew up not wanting to work and make nothing of my life. Fertility will decrease because America is already over populated now. There is too many babies starving in different countries including in the.S. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Diversity in America specifically for you.

Diversity in, america, essay, example

diversity in america essays

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International cuisines have come to America through subcultures, have expanded the food industry, and have allowed English Americans to try new foods and flavors. There is no one perfect in America and if we can just realize no group or person from a different race is better than the other it may work. When it comes to being a success some cultures feel you need to be happy college essay unit plan and positive to get to the top and others disagree. According to (Joel 2010. In 1952 legislation passed that people of all races are allowed to become the.S citizens. I think there will be less people having babies because of the recession going on in America. I remember a time when I was little and I made a friend in class and she told me her mom said not to play with children of my race and if she did she will get in trouble. I feel this way because they constantly try to make ethnic groups or a person of an ethnic group look bad. I learned every race has different ways of thinking and beliefs they feel strongly about in their culture (Jiwani, 1996). In 2050 America will have added 100 million to its population (kotkin, 2010). After 1970 the old 'melting pot' metaphor is giving a way to new metaphors which is also known as 'salad bowl' or 'mosaic mixtures of various ingredients that keep their individual characteristics. The people in the United States need to come together and stop trying to separate each other in groups.