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Nun study essays and coding for positive emotions

nun study essays and coding for positive emotions

for. Researchers Danner, Snowdon, and Friesen (2001) from the University of Kentucky sampled the nuns, perfect subjects for a study because of the profound similarities around their physical health. Lim are rows of boxes filled with medical and dental records, report cards and journals. The U of M is hoping to fund another study in a few years utilizing the sisters and their brains. "The fact that I have not had any of this Alzheimer's disease, or even any inclination so far, is something that you know they would naturally want to study she said. Of the 678 sisters in the original study about four dozen are still living.

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Kelvin Lim stands at the back of a vast temperature-controlled archive. When Snowdon retired last year, the U of M won a bid to get the study back. As part of the instructions given to the young women, they were told that their writings should not contain more than two to three hundred words and should be written on a single sheet of paper, and include place of birth, parentage, interesting and edifying. Its likely that the task was describe michael jackson essay originally designed to help with determining the career paths of the nuns, and yet the writings would go on to suggest an important link between the kind of emotive language we use and the degree of our longevity. As the joyful nuns in the study showed, living a long and happy life doesnt come through the hope of finding meaning; rather, its by creating meaning in our lives that we cultivate authentic happiness).