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Commercial bank short essay

commercial bank short essay

during the past few decades, the. They discount and rediscount bills of exchange and treasury bills. Promotes Agricultural Sector, agricultural sector is an important part of the economy. However, the amount cannot be withdrawn before a certain period. So far we have highlighted only two of them, because, in combination, they are the necessary services which a bank as ship breaker essay a bank must perform. The functions performed by banks, since recently, are becoming customer-centred and are widening their functions. Banks are said to be department stores of financial services as they render a wide variety of such services to their customers. The modern banking services have helped in easing the process of trade, development of industries and other activities that help in the development of the countrys economy. How to Get Business Information and Other Details.

commercial bank short essay

commercial bank short essay

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History of Banks in India, in India, the banking system dates back to the Vedic civilization. They provide various services and aid in the growth of the countrys economy. Functions of Banks, the functions of banks have broadly been classified into two categories. Commercial bank can also refer to a bank or a division of a bank that mostly deals with deposits and loans from corporations or large businesses, as opposed to individual members of the public (retail banking). Businessmen can expand their businesses with this facility. Over the time the system evolved to accepting deposits and lending money.

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