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Easy book reports

easy book reports

can be one of the great pleasures in life! Pretend you are a talk show host and interview the main character. The main character is Tucker Flay, and his motivation is mostly that he wants to find his parents who went through this hole.

easy book reports

How to start writing book review
How do i write a bad book review

This book is about round circles in the air called diskos that people go through and end up in weird places like on top of a pyramid with priests that stab you in the heart or inside of a whale. Or, see if the author has a website and email. Then, they draw lines from the image to the edges of the paper, like rays of sunshine, and fill in each section with information about the person. Write ten chat room-style questions that could be used to start an online discussion about the book. Prepare a television commercial about your book. Create a travel brochure for the setting of the story or scrapbook pages about key characters. Each wedge of the pizza pie tells part of the story.

Fiction book reports,